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We provide Paper to Cad Services for your business

CAD Conversion Services                                       

We convert paper documents into dimensionally accurate AutoCAD DWG files. Scanned drawings, blueprints and PDF files are manually traced by trained AutoCAD drafters, and checked continually by licensed US architects for accuracy and completeness.

              CAD Design
  & Drafting Services

                                   95$ / sheet

              CAD Conversion
  Paper / PDF to AutoCAD

                                   20$ / sheet

                                   980$ / sheet

Site Plan Design
Building Design
Elevation Design
Section Design
Plan Design
2D Floor Plans with Interior
Electrical and Plumbing Plan Design

07 Benefits with Yantram
  • 01 End-to-end solutions
  • 02 Cost savings up to 40-50%
  • 03 Guaranteed quality
  • 04 Higher returns on investment
  • 06 Dedicated 2MB bandwidth for transferring heavy images
  • 05 24X7 support and multi-site distribution of drawings
  • 07 Reduced completion time for engineering processes

CAD Conversion

PDF to CAD Conversion

Yantram provides CAD Conversion and Engineering Services (DWG CAD Conversion) for a wide range of Residential and Commercial construction related projects of all sizes for Architects, Engineering Consultants, Building Contractors, Structural Engineers, Electrical / Mechanical Contractors and Real Estate Developers

We can do the CAD Conversion from any format such as Confidential CAD Conversion & CAD Drafting, Archi CAD, Vector Works , and PDF to DWG Conversion, PDF to DGN, Raster to Vector, TIFF to DWG Services, MCD to DWG Conversion, and DGN to DWG Conversion , PDF to CAD Conversion Company .

The advantages of using Yantram’s CAD Conversion service :

  • Accurate layer information
  • Accurate text that can be edited
  • Accurate line types that can be edited
  • Associative dimensions that are adjustable
  • Symbols & blocks of standard components
scan-to-cad-conversionPDF to CAD convertion  JPG to CAD Conversion Paper To CAD Conversion scan-to-cad-conversionPDF to CAD convertion

CAD Conversion includes :

» PDF to CAD Conversion
» Paper to CAD Conversion
» Tiff to CAD Conversion
» Jpeg to CAD Conversion
» Bmp to CAD Conversion
» Hand sketches to CAD Conversion
» Scanned documents to CAD Conversion
» Velum or Blueprint to CAD Conversion
» Photographs to CAD Conversion
» Raster image to CAD Conversion
» CAD redrafting & Conversion


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